Shramsberg is an iconic Napa winery. When we booked our first trip to Napa this summer, we knew that we had to visit Shramsberg. Shramsberg dates back to the 19th century and is one of the oldest wineries in Napa Valley. Shramsberg focuses primarily on the production of sparkling wine and uses the traditional method for production.

A little info on production methods. There are two sparkling wine methods… One is the traditional method and the other is the tank method. All sparkling wines are produced using either one of these methods. For example, champagne, franciacorta, cava and some sparkling wines from America are produced by using the traditional method, while prosecco and asti are produced using the tank method. The traditional method is costlier than the tank method and thus is used primarily for higher quality wines.

Ok, enough technicalities. Let’s get back on track. Shramsberg is a fantastic winery to visit while touring Napa. A visit to the winery is the perfect combination of history, wine and experience. The wine tour at Shramsberg includes a beautiful candlelit tour of their wine caves which culminates in a candlelit sparking wine tasting. This was by far one of my favorite tastings during our trip. The tasting included trying the blanc de blancs, the rose, and the vintage reserve sparkling wine.